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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:  The Town of Telluride monitors site traffic and collects non-personal identifying information to improve web content and services.  The Town of Telluride does not collect or maintain personal identifying information about users visiting the SMARTGov On-Line Permitting Portal unless the user has specifically provided that information by sending an email or completing or submitting an online form or application. The Town uses the information collected to respond to your query or complete the service you have requested. The Town may also use information collected to improve its services.  The Town of Telluride will make reasonable attempts to protect personal identifying information from disclosure, however, while using this service, users may be asked to provide personal identifying information that can be used to contact or identify them or otherwise fulfill a request.  User supplied information as part of a request for information or for the purposes of registering or obtaining a permit or license, as well as related emails, messages or information in other electronic format will be treated as submitted forms and in most instances may also be considered public information subject to the Colorado Open Records Act C.R.S. § 24-72-201.1 et seq. which provides that all public records are open for inspection by any person upon request, unless an exemption in the law exists. In the event of a conflict between this Privacy Policy and the Colorado Open Records Act or other law(s) governing the Town’s collection or disclosure of records, the Colorado Open Records Act or other applicable law(s) will control.